Board of Directors

​Mary Bumblebee Pokluda, Chair
Mary Bumblebee Pokluda is the founder, owner and Queen Bee of Bumblebee Concierge, which gives the gift of time to busy families and professionals. Since launching her Hive in 2007, Mary has been recognized for her community connections, innovations, and success by groups like NAWBO MN, WIN – Women In Networking and the US Chamber of Commerce. She is an active networker and connector throughout the Twin Cities and in 2016 she received the prestigious Women In Business Award given by the The Business Journal. Always true to her brand, Mary took up beekeeping in 2013 with a real honeybee hive in Lakeville, MN. Her inaugural haul was over 75 pounds of sweet, natural honey. In 2014 she will had 4 honeybee hives in Roseville, MN and hauled over 150 pounds of sweet honey. This journey has led to Mary helping other novice beekeepers, especially urban beekeepers.

Paul Haarstick

 Paul Haarstick (he/him) is the owner and founder of paulnet, a technology solutions provider that enables small and rural municipalities, school districts, and small businesses connect and engage with their constituents and customers. Growing up in a small community as a child of small business owners, Paul understands the importance of connection and communication, and he’s worked to create practical solutions on small budgets that his clients can use daily to achieve their goals. Paul has worked at companies such as PlattForm Education (now Keypath Education), SAP SuccessFactors, and The Lacek Group, a specialty agency of Ogilvy & Mather. Paul is an Eagle Scout and is currently continuing his education.

Tom Pack
Tom Pack is an attorney with Maslon LLP in Minneapolis, where he focuses on business litigation.  Outside of business litigation, Tom has an active pro bono practice in civil rights litigation, and he represents LGBTQ people seeking asylum in the United States.  Tom came to Minneapolis from San Francisco, where he went to law school and started his legal career, and which he only misses slightly during the winter months.  In his spare time, Tom enjoys spending time with his husband Matthew, and they constantly have a project going on in their hundred-year-old South Minneapolis house.

Zaylore Stout
Originally from Southern California, Zaylore Stout moved to Minnesota to attend the University of St. Thomas School of Law in 2007. His law firm Zaylore Stout & Associates, LLC focused on employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination and wage & hour matters. His local community activism has involved urging the St. Louis Park School Board to pass a Gender Inclusion Policy to protect transgender and gender nonconforming youth. He lives in the city of St. Louis park with his partner, Ore Lindenfeld, and dog, Lakota.


Rabindra Tambyraja
Rabindra Tambyraja (he/him) is currently the Chief Medical Information Officer at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Originally hailing from Ohio, he has lived in Minneapolis since 2010. As a strong advocate for youth mental health, he feels a connection to Reclaim’s mission, and feels privileged to have joined the Board in 2017. He looks forward to advancing Reclaim’s mission of service and inclusion.


G Zachariah “Zach” White
Zach was born in Faribault, Minnesota and lived in Iowa and Boston before returning to Minnesota in 2002. Zach has a varied academic history having majored in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Theatre in college, having earned an MFA in Acting, and having earned a PsyD in Clinical Psychology. Zach now practices as a psychologist at Sex from the Center, specializing in sexual health and gender identity concerns. In addition to RECLAIM, Zach volunteers with the Minnesota Psychological Association Diversity Committee and participates as an actor in theatre that centers queer, feminist, and/or POC voices. Professionally and personally, Zach is out as queer, poly, and kinky. Zach has access to white, male, cisgender, professional class, able-bodied privilege and wishes to use that access in support of the RECLAIM mission.

Members at Large:
Aaron Corfield 
Phillipe M Cunningham
Longkee Vang