Employment Opportunities

RECLAIM is currently hiring for the position of Youth and Community Engagement Specialist. We are also seeking a professional consultant to guide board and staff through the strategic planning process, from planning and retreat facilitation to drafting strategic plan documents including timelines, goals and strategies. Please see below for more details.


Reclaim Youth and Community Engagement Specialist

Job Description

RECLAIM increases access to mental health support so that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) youth may reclaim their lives from oppression in all its forms. We partner with queer and transgender young people ages 13-25 who are marginalized because of their gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. We provide accessible therapy to youth and their families, cultural competence training to practitioners, and community partnership at the intersection of gender and racial justice. We currently serve about 40% youth of color and 75% transgender youth.  We serve youth throughout the Twin Cities metro area.


The Youth and Community Engagement Specialist is passionate about the mission and values of RECLAIM. We are building a community of emerging and experienced practitioners who apply post-modern principles to their practice. We engage clients in holistic healing that addresses as many areas of need as possible. We specialize in supporting youth around sexual orientation and gender identity while recognizing all aspects of identity reclamation. RECLAIM is committed to recruiting candidates with lived experience in communities of color and transgender communities.


Engagement Specialist are responsible for supporting the program department to increase capacity for therapist to benefit the mental health for clients. They are tasked with interacting with both therapist and clients and their families on a regular basis to provide support for improvement.


They work closely with the community of youth and families as well as the community of providers to support the continued work that occurs at Reclaim.  Engagement Specialist use computers to record their progress, respond to inquiries, and supporting the therapist. Engagement Specialist should have a strong understanding of technology and have skills in communication.  Engagement Specialist should be warm, friendly and inviting to people coming into Reclaim. They should be task oriented, and dependable as they will have a team of people depending on them.  They should be passionate about the work that RECLAIM is doing and committed to RECLAIM’s values.


The position is in St. Paul, MN.

If you are interested in applying for the Youth and Community Engagement Specialist position at RECLAIM, please send a resume, cover letter, and three professional references to Felicia Sy, felicia@reclaim.care.

Salary $38,000 to 46,000k (DOQ)

37.5-hour work week, generous PTO benefits eligible, medical and dental insurance, long term and short-term disability, life insurance, and 401K (hours are 10-6 Monday through Thursday and shorter days on Fridays)

Job Description and Summary of Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Client and Community Engagement
  • Develop and maintain meaningful, productive relationships with youth, families and communities
  • Greet people as they come to Reclaim and assisting them in finding what they need
  • Answer the phone when it rings to assist individuals in connecting with resources and return telephone calls as needed
  • Follow through with request for medical records/sending faxes
  • Take client payments and keep client payment files updated
  • Connect with clients to remind them of their appointments
  • Connect with clients when therapists are out ill
  • Update intake packets
  • Track new referrals for service
  • Connect with community resources and keeping community resource information updated
  • Connect with youth about events
  • Support and provide assistance with Gender Group activity
  • Assist in developing and supporting the creation of an Alumni Network
  • Managing requests from community to Reclaim
  • Tabling at community events


  1. Program Team Support
  • Develop a system for closed files
  • Help to organize files
  • Monitor and assist program team with compliance needs (such as when client files need to be updated)
  • Document important meetings
  • Support and assist with grant requirements
  • Assist with data entry and running reports
  • Assist therapist in connecting with insurance companies
  • Magnage tech hardware
  • Work in collaboration with other staff and consultants to monitor, track and coordinate services for youth and families
  • Other tasks as needed


  1. Internal and External Collaboration
  • Internal collaboration with colleagues at RECLAIM to provide the best service possible;
  • Actively partner with youth to advocate with third party payers and other service providers to ensure their needs are met;
  • Represent RECLAIM in the community through formal and informal relationships.
  • Assist with training and program development
  • Collaborate with colleagues in planning family activities, encourage family participation in program activities and obtain feedback from youth and families regarding the level of satisfaction with the services they receive.
  • Attend program team meetings, staff meetings, staff trainings, collaborations and planning meetings.


Required Experience:

Associates degree or equivalent work experience, bachelor’s degree preferred

2 – 5 years of relevant work in POCI and LGBTQ+ communities

1-3 years of experience in community relations, community outreach or participation in marketing events preferred and experience in relationship-building with LGBTQ+ organizations, and other targeted non-profit organizations, preferred

Excellent verbal and written communication and presentation skills, excellent listening skills

Strong relationship building skills both with organizations and individuals. Strong teamwork is essential, strong customer service focus

Proficiency with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint)

Ability to review and analyze the information from activity reports and work with the Mental Health Supervisor and Executive Director

Desired Qualifications:

Experience working with POCI and LGBTQ+ families and culture preferred, Strong preference for members of the POCI and LGBTQ+ community

Experience using social networking (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) as related to POCI and LGBTQ+ engagement preferred





August 1, 2018



RECLAIM is seeking a professional consultant to guide board and staff through the strategic planning process, from planning and retreat facilitation to drafting strategic plan documents including timelines, goals and strategies.




RECLAIM increases access to mental health support so that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) youth may reclaim their lives from oppression in all its forms. We partner with queer and transgender young people ages 13-25 who are marginalized because of their gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. We provide accessible therapy to youth and their families, cultural competence training to practitioners, and community partnership at the intersection of gender and racial justice. We currently serve about 40% youth of color and 75% transgender youth.  We serve youth throughout the Twin Cities metro area.

RECLAIM was born in 2009 of a compelling, instinctual need for people to protect and support that which supports them. The last decade brought recession defunding for many marginalized people in the Twin Cities. Including the 2009 elimination of programs including LGBT community center District 202 and the LGBT outreach and support program lead by our founder Janet Bystrom when at Face to Face. Youth and allies acted quickly to raise $35,000 in pledges to ensure support for the most at-risk youth and RECLAIM was born. In the years since, RECLAIM has provided youth-driven, financially accessible support to queer and trans youth through individual, family, and group counseling, advocacy, education, and collaboration.


RECLAIM is a value driven organization and our value are reflected in the content below:


Relationships, Change, Gratitude, Sustainability, Deconstruction



Connections/associations/integration/deep healing over time/ slow change/relational/inclusion/protecting and inviting diversity/partnership/continuity/accompaniment/whole bodies-whole minds/humanization


RECLAIM was in existence long before it had a name.  It lived in the relationships that had been formed over many years through the work that began at Face to Face. For so many youth, these relationships hold the power of family and it is something they return to over the years.  A place to belong. A place to call home.


In order for operations of oppression to be performed successfully/effectively/maximally, people/communities must be separated from that which gives them strength.  This includes things forced separation from homeland, traditions, language, history, family, foods, community and the body itself (including the ways our bodies express gender and sexuality).  In order to heal from past oppression and resist the effects of what is present, we seek to reconnect what has been forced apart. We seek to reconnect people to their communities of origin or

create new experiences of belonging, repair connection to family or choose to create our own, develop our own language, are given the opportunity to narrate our own histories and begin to inhabit our own bodies again.  The role of integrative modalities/practices/wisdom is a most powerful response to oppression-as it increases our capacity to remain in connection with ourselves and others in the face of profound suffering and pain.


Patterns of disconnection will play out at an individual and organizational level.  In order to promote healing, we must seek to reconnect what has been disconnected at every opportunity.  No exceptions.



Willingness to transform and be transformed/ responsiveness/ permeability/ fluidity/enacting values-not talking about them/accountability/reciprocal/partnership


Empowerment occurs not when we encourage others to do powerful things somewhere else, it occurs when we allow ourselves to be influenced/changed/transformed.  We must be willing to be changed as much as we are here to support change in others. In this way, in any given moment, it is not clear who is being changed or influenced more.  Who is the healer/teacher/client/student? Direct access to personal power is at the core of all


of our relationships and this should be reflected in the counseling room just as much as between co-workers, board members and volunteers.  When power is truly shared in this way, a deep integrity will be experienced and we will become collectively powerful.



fun/love/risk taking


RECLAIM’s origin story is nothing short of a miracle.  It needs to be told, told and re-told because in it is the foundation of our existence-we are not “an agency” we are people organized around purpose and love, supported by many.  It is easy to forget this as organizations grow and bureaucracy ensues and there is pressure to look to big grants instead of our friends and family for our security. We must re-humanize ourselves every


In gratitude and recognition for what has made each therapeutic encounter possible, I created a brief oral history to be shared with each client at the beginning of each session.


“Many people you do not know and may never meet have given generously of themselves to make this support possible. They want you to know that you are beautiful just as you are and that your contribution to this world is both necessary and unique.  If you are ever feeling alone or unloved, please remember this.”




Taking the long view/investing in broad systemic change/self-determination


Services for queer and trans youth in the Twin Cities have a history of coming and going at an alarming rate. As with many marginalized communities, vital services that we develop to meet our needs often exist at the discretion of funding streams or public health policy and are often the first things to be cut when mainstream organizations are struggling.  This has made healing difficult for individuals and has challenged our ability to organize for social change. In order to achieve long term healing and social change goals, we must be able to control our own destiny. We will be naturally conservative.  We will always be planning with the big picture-long view in mind. We will do less so that we can do longer and more deeply. We are here to stay.



Externalization/seeing how what we are doing is situated within systems of oppression/working to dismantle or disrupt typical patterns of power and privilege organizationally and between

individuals/creating our own understanding/definition of the function or role of client, therapist and therapy and client, staff and board, for our community/creating new structures that invite new experiences and self-reflection


Narrative therapy has principles that inform our interactions with clients.  It has a foundation in post-modernism. This is the idea that we actively create the truth together-it is not something that can be objectively known, studied or measured. As such, therapy is an exploration. It is more interested in curiosity than in knowing (once we know something-operations of power become engaged).  Therapy itself is something that can be taken apart and re-assembled as needed and is best done so moment to moment.


The principles around which RECLAIM organizes are the same.  We remain aware of the structures in which we exist that invite/influence/compel us to relate in particular ways.  (Supervisor to employee, therapist to client, board to staff, etc). We have the power and the responsibility (esp the more power we have) to render these structures transparent and to engage in a conscious negotiation of our roles and to be able to make rapid shifts to adapt to what is needed in each moment.


In order for this to work, we must set ego aside.  We must remain in a state of curiosity, preferring to ask questions instead of making statements. We have to embrace change and suspend what is familiar and known.


Creativity is the natural result and we will notice a sense of aliveness that will be immediately recognized by all who come in contact with RECLAIM.




The objectives of the strategic planning process are to build a strategic plan guided by and illustrating answers to the following:

  • What is the vision for RECLAIM in the next 3 to 5 years?
  • Are the current goals relevant and appropriate? Particularly, what does successful growth look like and/or what critical alignments should we pursue?
  • What current strategies should remain and what new strategies are called for?


RECLAIM seeks the expertise of a consultant to achieve the objectives of the planning process. Identified consultant tasks and responsibilities are:

  1. Initial planning meeting with Executive Director
  2. Completing a strategic assessment of board, staff, constituents, and community partners
  3. Integration of key themes from assessment results into planning process, board meetings and/or retreat facilitation.
  4. Potential planning meeting with executive committee
  5. Potential participation in October and/or November board meeting
  6. Facilitation of board retreat to include board training
  7. Facilitation of staff meeting on integration of proposed strategies into work and staff training
  8. Written report of key themes from retreat including draft mission, goals and strategies.
  9. Presentation of strategic plan draft to staff and board of directors


Consultant expertise in the following areas is not required but useful

  1. Knowledge of the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors—regionally and nationally
  2. Ability to develop common understanding, if not consensus, of board and staff
  3. Knowledge and awareness of LGBTQ+ and indigenous and people of color, culture and relevant issues today



Proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by the Executive Director who will recommend one or more candidates for consideration by the Board. Criteria for evaluation will include:

  • Demonstrated knowledge, skills, and experience in conducting strategic planning projects in philanthropic or other nonprofit organizations
  • Understanding of the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors
  • Ability to meet deadlines and operate within budget
  • Satisfactory performance record



Interested people should email the following to Felicia Sy, Executive Director, RECLAIM at felicia@reclaim.care


  • A work plan that contains methodology, timeline, and deliverables for the project
  • A project budget
  • Exclusions or exceptions
  • Description of qualifications and/or resume of consultant involved in project.
  • Reference and contact information of three nonprofit organizations that have utilized strategic planning services in the last 18-24 months.


Applications should be received by RECLAIM on or before September 15, 2018.



If you have any questions, contact Felicia Sy at felicia@reclaim.care or 612-235-6743.