POC Therapy Cohort

The People of Color (POC) Therapy Cohort provides mentorship, supervision, and professional development to POC therapy practitioners and students committed to working with LGBTQ youth and interrupting oppression in therapeutic relationships. It creates a circle of safety within the common academic experience of institutional violence through racism, and supports participants’ agency to build power and create a new landscape of options for LGBTQ youth of color in our region.

The Cohort started in 2011 partly in response to our reaching out for culturally specific support for POC youth and families and finding very limited resources. We want to support the youth who come through the doors here and address the significant ways in which racism and classism interact with oppression related to gender identity and sexual orientation.

The Cohort aims to:

  • Reduce therapeutic barriers for LGBTQ youth of color and their families by having POC youth ally practitioners offer accessible therapeutic support;
  • Support POC practitioners to overcome cultural and financial barriers to getting licensure in their chosen therapy field, which will lead to increased access to better paying positions for POC practitioners;
  • Build a regional network of POC practitioners with self-identified competency to support youth healing from oppression related to gender identity and sexual orientation.

What started as a strategy to train POC practitioners has unfolded into an organization-wide commitment to serve youth and support practitioners at the intersection of racial and gender justice.

The Cohort currently meets every other Thursday and at other designated times. It is currently closed to new members. However, it may re-open and we may start another circle of practitioners. If you have questions or are interested in being a part of the Cohort, please contact Liana at Liana.reclaim@gmail.com or at 612-235-6743.