Resist With Us: Stand With Queer and Trans Youth!



About the Campaign:

In the past year and a half, our political climate has shifted and queer and trans youth are under attack. RECLAIM resists this attack by ensuring that young queer and trans people and their families get the mental health support that they need.

At RECLAIM, we know that healing itself is a kind of resistance. We believe that access to mental health care is part of the fight to move beyond mere survival, and that healing is necessary in order to build power for our movements and fight for justice over the long term.

We invite you to join RECLAIM in standing with queer and trans youth – contribute to our “Healing is Resistance” campaign before the Trans Day of Visibility on March 31st. Healing is resistance is about honoring the stories and identities of queer and trans youth and their healing journeys. Please check out Lucian’s story of healing and coming to RECLAIM below.

Thank you. We could not do this work without your support


Lucian’s Story

By Lucian Blanks

I’d always thought that, because of mixed race, I would never belong anywhere. No group ever felt quite like home and even if they may have gotten close, there was always a wall between me and those who are not mixed. It was a heavy loneliness to bear as a child.

Through my years growing up, moving every two years, I didn’t think my status or positioning in the world would ever change. Every school was either too white itself or I was considered “too white” for the students I sat beside. Come high school that feeling of alienation would only further as I discovered my attraction to women. And the shame that came with it. The confusion, too, as I tried to puzzle out whether I was a lesbian or.. if there was something more to it than that. As if that can’t be complicated enough at times.

If I was a lesbian, didn’t that mean I needed to be a woman in relation with another woman? That didn’t quite fit me. I didn’t feel like a man, certainly not, but there was a weird disconnect inside of me, not identifying as a woman despite it being the only identity I’d ever known. What does one do with that? Not a woman, but most assuredly not a man either. It was a puzzle that plagued me for many years, fed my depression until I had no friends, no aspirations, and no energy to even care to change that.

When I found Reclaim, I was a person on the verge of suicide all because I couldn’t find anyone to talk to, who would not only serve to weigh me down further, about my gender. Not only that but what transitioning could mean for me as a person of color. My fears weren’t scoffed, they were validated as they took me in. As a whole person. Not only POC or only Queer. Me. All of me. And helped me to want to live, want to grow, and want to inspire and lead others on into a brighter day as well.

Reclaim took me in and committed to helping me build myself back up when everyone and everything else told me to give up. Without their love, their open hearts to all genders and even those without, from even the muddiest backgrounds like my own, I would not be alive today. Healing, is my resistance.