Staff and Board Members

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Felicia Washington-Sy, Interim Executive Director

Maryrose Dolezal, Director of Development

Pheng Thao, Supervisor 

JAC Stringer, Therapist

Abby Beasley, Therapist

Alyssa Anderson, Therapy Fellow 

Omkar Sawardekar, Therapy Fellow

Anna Lifson, Therapy Intern

SB Pournoor, Therapy Intern

Qamar Saadiq Saoud, Youth Advocate 

Karina Maravelias, Development Coordinator


Jeffy Hnilicka, Board Chair

Aaron Corfield, Member

Phillipe Cunningham, Member

Nimo Farah, Member

Mary Pokluda, Member

Longkee Vang, Member

G Zachariah White, Psy.D., Member

Are you interested in joining RECLAIM’s Board of Directors? To get involved in a working group, contact Board Chair Jeffy Hnilicka at